Amy's House

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Station Square

Amy's House, also known as The House of Amy Rose, is a round house with a wall painted green and a brownish-colored round roof. It is a completely exact replica of the house seen in the Sonic X episode, A New Start. Amy and Sonic are the only residents in this house.

Description Edit

Amy's house has a kitchen, a living room, an upstairs bathroom, two bedrooms, and a dining room. Amy's room has a wallpaper full of pink roses, a wooden floor, cabinets, her bed, and is located in the upper floor to the right upon entering the house. Sonic's room has a wall painted blue, with posters involving Sonic's hobbies hanging on the walls. The room is filled with video game magazines, action figures, and video games. It is located in the opposite side of Amy's room in the upper floor. There are two living rooms: one is filled with toys and dolls and a bookshelf with lots of books that all belong to Amy, two couches, and a piano (introduced in episode 23); the other living room is the one where the TV is located. This TV set is the same size as the one Tiff and her family uses. In the kitchen and dining room, there are four wooden chairs at the table.