Another Wild Win

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July 31, 2012

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Another Wild Win is the 17th episode of Season 3 of The Adventures of Amy and Tiff. The episode has a similar plot to the 45th and 46th episodes of Sonic X.

Plot Edit

Eggman starts a fighting tournament to prove who is the strongest out of everyone in the world, which is to take place in the Diamond Stadium. The battles in the first round are easy at first, but as they advance, they get harder and harder every time.



  • This episode marks the only appearances of Antoine D'Coolette, Benikage, Big the Cat, Espio the Chameleon, Sergeant Kit Cosmos, Sir Arthur, and Vector the Crocodile.
  • This is Shadow the Hedgehog's only Season 3 appearance.
  • Sonic and Kirby's battle is very similar to the FoxBox Superbrawl (they are both seen disqualified in both battles).
  • Second time Rouge loses to Amy in any competition (not only that, she injures her arm!).
  • Number of Sonic characters: 13
  • Number of Kirby characters: 15