Cosmo the Seedrian
Cosmo the Seedrian

Voice Actor (English)

Amy Birnbaum

Voice Actor (Japanese)

Etsuko Kozakura







Color Scheme

Green, white, yellow and red

Eye Color



Amy, Tails, Tiff, Sonic, Kirby, Buto, Knuckles, Cream and Cheese, Vanilla, world peace, flowers, vegetables, cream cake


Dr. Eggman, King Dedede, Escargoon, world danger, violence, any kind/type of meat


Plant science

Cosmo the Seedrian is a main protagonist of The Adventures of Amy and Tiff. She first appears in the Season 3 episode Seedrian Lost and Found (episode 48).

Her only other appearance was in Sonic X's third season (episodes 53-78).

How she first met Amy and her friends in this series is a lot different compared to in Sonic X. In The Adventures of Amy and Tiff, her entire family got swept away by a massive thunderstorm so strong that they became separated forever, and Cosmo was the only one that survived the storm. In Sonic X, however, her home world was destroyed by the Metarex, and she was raised on a space colony, which the Metarex destroyed as well as her entire family. After that, the Metarex planted a tracking device on her, allowing it to hear and see whatever she's doing.

Counterparts Edit

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