Count on It

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June 12, 2012

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Count on It is the ninth episode from Season 3 of The Adventures of Amy and Tiff. It is the sequel to the Season 1 episode Hooked on Phonics.

Plot Edit

As Cream and Charmy's tutors for the second time (first time for Charmy), Amy and Tiff teach them first grade math -- counting objects, addition, and subtraction. Cream has no problems with most of the math problems, but Charmy needs some help from time to time.



  • For the fourth time ever and for the first time within Season 3, both Sonic and Kirby do not appear in this episode. It is also the first Season 3 episode in which Cosmo does not appear.
  • Third episode with educational content.
  • Number of Sonic characters: 5
  • Number of Kirby characters: 2