Our Very First Breakfast

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July 12, 2011

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Visiting Cappytown

Our Very First Breakfast is the first episode of the fan fiction series, The Adventures of Amy and Tiff. It was released on the same day when support for Microsoft Office XP and Windows Vista Service Pack 1 ended.

Plot Edit

Amy invites Tiff and Kirby out for breakfast. She also brings Sonic with her to go out with them. They eat at I-Pop Restaurant. Amy has trouble deciding what to eat and starts complaining with the waitress. Tiff helps her choose what they can eat together. When the food arrives, Kirby inhales his whole plate in ten seconds! After breakfast, the four friends tour around Amy's house, then Amy and Tiff tell their stories of their most recent moments while having tea.


Trivia Edit

  • This episode marks the debut of the first season of the series.
  • Other characters that appear in this episode are Tuff, Lady Like, Sir Ebrum, and Tokkori.
  • I-Pop Restaurant is a parody of the actual restaurant, IHop.
  • The brief argument between Amy and the waitress is also a parody of the Spam skit from Monty Python's Flying Circus.
  • This episode marks the second appearance of Amy's house, with the first being Episode 52 of Sonic X (Memories of the Wind/A New Start). However, only the exterior of the house was shown in that episode.
  • In this episode, it is revealed that Tuff is 9 years old (one year older than Tails). Also, his full name is Tufford Ebrum.
  • This episode's title is sort of a pun to the first two episodes of Full House (Our Very First Show and Our Very First Night).
  • The prologue seen on the main page of this fanfic would be used as the first scene for this episode.
  • Number of Sonic characters: 2
  • Number of Kirby characters: 7