Piano Lessons

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November 22, 2011

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Piano Lessons is the twenty-third episode of Season 1 of The Adventures of Amy and Tiff.

Plot Edit

Amy watches a piano concert on television, wishing to play as brilliant as the piano player she sees. She and Tiff decide to buy a brand-new piano for themselves. But after the first day of practice, Amy suddenly becomes depressed not only because Tiff couldn't help her for the rest of the day, she is making mistakes. But the next morning, Amy keeps on practicing and gets better at playing the piano.



  • For the second time in the series, Amy is the only Sonic character.
  • This is the only episode without any males (except for the piano dealer and delivery men, all of whom are not main characters).
  • This is the second episode to contain educational content.
  • 'Scales and arpeggios' is a pun to the song of the same name from the Disney movie, The Aristocats.
  • Number of Sonic characters: 1
  • Number of Kirby characters: 1