Piko Piko Hammer
Amy with her Piko Piko Hammer

First Appearance

Visiting Cappytown (episode 2)


Amy Rose


Self-defense, fighting, wrestling


Large hammer with yellow ends and red center

The Piko Piko Hammer is Amy's signature hammer. In The Adventures of Amy and Tiff, it is usually used to crush her enemies and for wrestling tournaments.

A later version, the Spiked Piko Piko Hammer, which first appears in the Season 3 episode, Happy Double Birthday, during Amy and Tiff's 13th birthdays, is identical to the regular Piko Piko Hammer, but with one major difference -- the yellow ends are now red, and there is one large red spike projecting out of each of the two ends. According to Meta Knight, this weapon contains more attack power than the regular Piko Piko Hammer.

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